Your workout partner for peak efficiency.

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*Certified Organic Ingredients ++ Regionally Sourced

++ *Elderberries,  ++*Wild Blueberries, *Alma Berry, Cordyceps Functional  Mushroom Extract for Endurance

Gluten-free  ProActive Workout Tonics  contains NO  water, NO artificial colours, NO artifical preservatives, NO alcohol  and NO processed sugars.

Please Note:  As always, speak with your  health care provider before starting any elderberry supplementation, if you are immunocompromised,  undergoing chemotherapy, or if any another underlying health condition exists. Consult your physician before use if you are pregnant, lactating or have a medical condition or are taking any medication.

How To Use:

Take ProActive Workout Tonic before your workout to provide an extra endurance boost. Then again after your workout to reduce oxidative stress and ease the soreness associated with exercise. You recover faster and help maintain your health all at the same time.

How To Store
All ProActive Products are natural and made to order.  We do not use chemical preservatives. When opened please keep in cool, dry location like the refrigerator.

COVID Statement: Due to the affect of COVID on the supply chain, to offset any price increase and lessen our carbon footprint, we’ve kept our packaging and labelling to a minimum. While the packaging and bottle may look different depending on local sourcing, rest assured, our quality ingredients will always remain the same.

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Our Money Back Guarantee: