Promotes natural sleep cycles while supporting the immune system
  • $14.99

    Formulated for anyone who struggles to fall asleep and stay asleep.  Sleepy Time is a synergistic non-habit forming nighttime formula that supports muscle function, encourages relaxation, while supporting your immune support system. Sleepy Time Gummies  naturally promotes  healthy sleep cycles by combining the unique nutritive power of organic, cold pressed elderberries and blueberries with two types of magnesium for maximum calming effects,  plus a hint of melatonin and zinc....

COVID Statement: Due to the effect of COVID on the supply chain, to offset any price increases and to maintain our commitment to the environment,  we will keep our packaging and labelling to a minimum. While the packaging may change, depending on local sourcing,  rest assured, our quality ingredients will always remain the same.


*++ Elderberries, *++Wild Blueberries, *Raspberry Extract 100mg Glycinate, 100mg Citrate, 100 mg Malate, 11.25 mg Zinc Citrate *Certified Organic Ingredients ++ Regionally Sourced

How To Use:

About 20 minutes  before bedtime take one Sleepy Time Gummy.  As individual results may vary,  adjust dosage as needed.

 Please Note:  Not suitable for children.  

Dosage of zinc is suitable for adults, but exceeds the daily recommended dose for children.