Human beings are arguably one of the most complex organisms on this planet. Just image the  billions of microscopic parts, each with its own identity, working together in an organized manner for the benefit of the total being.  

That’s why we take pride in our uncompromising commitment to purity and authenticity. We combine the wisdom of the healing arts with robust nutritional science. Then we source the ingredients necessary to bring you the purest, natural products that help your body maintain a healthier you.

Suitable for a variety of dietary lifestyle choices, our products do not contain artificial or processed ingredients. Ingredients are organic whenever possible, natural, chemical and toxin free, sulphate free, palm oil free and paraben free and no refined or processed sugars, commercialized gluten, industrial seed oils, tap water or agave syrup. 

Our ingredients are listed below in no particular order. 

What We Use

  • Elderberries and Blueberries: In Nature, purple and blue are dynamic health supporters. Their phytonutrients include an antioxidant called anthocyanins believed to delay cellular aging and help the heart by blocking the formation of blood clots. Blue and purple foods also contain lycopene, flavonoids and vitamins D & K. They help promote bone health, lower the risk of certain cancers, improve memory and increase urinary-tract health. Blueberries are high in fiber, vitamins E & C, and antioxidants and phytoflavinoids. Combining the two takes the power of purple and blue to a whole new level. Both Elderberry and blueberry are clinically proven to help build the immune system and should you contact cold or flu symptoms science shows elderberries help you recover twice as fast.
  • Propolis: Prized as the immune system of the hive and used by humans for thousands of years, propolis contains powerful germ-fighting properties and over 300 beneficial vitamins, minerals, and compounds—making it nature’s powerful defence system.  Loaded with powerful antioxidants, bee propolis is a mighty ally during periods of stress—like when you’re rushing through a long line at airport security, struggling under a time-crunched deadline, or running a retail marathon.
  • Astragalus: Astragalus has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  It’s used to protect and support the immune system, prevent colds and upper respiratory infections as well as lowering blood pressure, treating diabetes, and protecting the liver.
  • Alma Berries: Also know as Indian Gooseberries, Amla berries are rich in antioxidants, and an excellent source of  Vitamin C and Vitamin E.
  • Manuka Honey:  It’s not because it’s sweet, although that’s a nice bonus. Manuka honey helps fight bacterial infection and inflammation. In fact, it’s  antibacterial and bacterial resistant. This means that bacteria shouldn’t be able to build up a tolerance to its antibacterial effects. Manuka honey is said to be effective for treating everything from a sore throat to clearing up blemishes on your skin.  Another reason  to thank honeybees.
  • Vegetable Glycerine: Because we do not use chemical preservatives, ProActive Nutraceuticals uses a small amount of organic plant based glycerine to slow the growth of bacteria. instead of alcohol or sorbates.
  • D3:  Vitamin D is an essential nutrient with many important functions. Also called the sunshine vitamin, it doesn’t have to come from your diet. It’s estimated that over 40 percent of the population is deficient in vitamin D, which plays a central role in everything from regulating mood to modulating immune cells in the body and beyond. It enhances the pathogen-fighting effects of monocytes and macrophages — white blood cells that are important parts of your immune defense — and decreases inflammation, which helps promote immune response. Recent research suggests that taking this vitamin may protect against respiratory tract infections.
  • Zinc: Zinc is a nutrient that plays many vital roles in your body.  Because your body doesn’t naturally produce zinc, you must obtain it through food or supplements.  It affects different systems of the body, including the immune system, digestive tract, and brain  where it is used as a ‘building block’ for protein synthesis, enzyme creation and metabolic processes.  It  also plays an important role in inflammatory response.
  • Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, helping to protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals.
  • Vitamin B6 is significant to protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism and the creation of red blood cells and neurotransmitters. Your body cannot produce vitamin B6, so you must obtain it from foods or supplements
  • Natural Source Vitamin C supports the function of various immune cells enhancing their ability to protect against infection. Reduces the duration and severity of upper respiratory tract infections, including the common cold.


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