Apiarium and her sister site the Good Food Guide were created from very personal reasons. As a researcher and writer, I had already discovered the grave damage done to our bodies, and the environment, through the introduction of pesticide-laden genetical engineered agricultural products.  Our parent site, Organic Principle reflects over 20 years of research. But it was a personal crisis that opened up another avenue of research based on functional nutrition and natural personal care products. Click here to read complete story.

After discussions with my business partner, Apiarium and the Good Food Guide was launched. As with all our sites, Apiarium is dedicated  to the current plight of honeybees. Apiarium is Latin for a group of honeybee hives.

The  products we offer are all inspired by Mother Nature’s infinite wisdom. We take great care to create and select natural wellness items that are blended for  purity, quality, potency and transparency.  During the development process, we sift through reams of information about what works and what doesn’t. What is fact and what is fiction.  Then we open discussions with the experts to determine what is the best of the best with an emphasis on organic ingredients and a regionally sourced supply chain.  Our ProActive Nutraceuticals product line is the genesis of those discussions. 

Our founding principles are based on the emergence of communities where ecology, commerce and social equity prosper. We  believe ownership of a business is not about personal privilege. While good business and amazing personal care products should go hand-in-hand, we do not endorse the principle of profit at any cost.  Rather we support a business model that is built for the well-being of people including those who work with us, the planet that sustains us and the communities in which we serve.

We keep waste to a minimum,  use simple eco-friendly packaging and all labelling is straight-forward, without  misleading marketing speak. And we keep our prices as low as possible.

Because we are still in the middle of this global crisis, front line health care workers receive extra discounts when they shop at Apiarium or Good Food Guide.  Nutritional overruns prepared in our Good Food Guide  kitchens are distributed to the homeless along with a supply of new masks. 

Simply put, we feel it’s our responsibility to help protect the future of our children and grandchildren and those who will follow them.  To inspire healthier communities, we are dedicated to spreading the word about the power of functional nutrition and natural care  jar by jar, bag by bag and conversation by conversation.

We are often asked to speak publicly about functional nutrition and the power of self healing.  If you have any queries please contact us at  info@apiariumnaturals.com.